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Press & Reviews


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Jeff Morrill

Relationship: Client – Piney Mountain House
Project Date: May 2017
Project Price: more than $100,000

There are many architects and builders but few who have the skill, experience, and vision to design and build a green house. Looking for a modern architect in the area, we found Patrick’s website and we got to know him before we hired him. We liked him immediately and never “interviewed’ anyone else. We never regretted it. He shared our desire to build lightly, letting the surroundings influence the design and materials. He artfully brokered the inevitable differences of opinion between husband and wife, and we enjoyed the consultative process of working out the design together as a small team.

After the design was complete, we were happy to have him build the house, too, which has worked out beautifully. On complicated custom houses, there are many situations where unforeseen circumstances or questions arise, and things move more quickly and smoothly when the person responsible for constructing the house is the same person as the person who envisioned it. The house is not yet complete, but we are currently on budget (more or less) and the product is a work of art. I have suffered through many residential and commercial building projects over a lifetime, and this is the first one I’ve enjoyed.

If you’re looking for a person with the sophistication and experience to design and/or build a complicated “dream house,” Patrick is your man. And if you’re not sure, ask him to take you to our house and show you what he is capable of creating. I think you’ll come away a believer!

Inder Huja

Relationship: Client – Riverside House
Project Date: April 2014
Project Price: more than $100,000

Patrick worked with me on an extreme home modification. We pretty much tore down an old rancher and built a contemporary home. He is a talented architect with great ideas. He is very informed and passionate about environmental best practices and incorporated them into the design of my house. I conveyed to him what my vision was (lots of light and open spaces), and he drew up a concept sketch of the house. Surprisingly, the as built house came out to look very much like the sketch. He produced a very complete drawing package and was on top of things during the construction. Since it was a custom house, he found very good solutions to the problems encountered. I enjoyed working with him. He is responsive and very thoughtful.

Susan Miller

Relationship: Client – Grove Avenue House
Project Date: July 2008
Project Price: more than $100,000

Patrick is a “Green Architect” who does projects from ground up to complex remodels. He took our 1910 FAN row house that had burned on the interior to a LEED Gold complete remake in 2010. He has the knowledge and skills to advise and complete a green roof, photovoltaics, solar hot water, rain gardens, green walls and fences, all interior finishes to LEED specs and anything else you can think up. He is creative in reuse of materials. He is opinionated and introverted so work on your communication skills with him to get what you want. We love our house!

Paul Hill

Relationship: Client – Hill House
Project Date: October 2006
Project Price: more than $100,000
I originally found Patrick through a website for The Not So Big House series of books. We wanted to take our dated 1952 brick rancher and apply a mid-century modern aesthetic to it. Within minutes of his first look at the house he had several inspirational ideas that perfectly coincided with what we were looking for. Throughout our project, Patrick was professional and on top of every detail. The ideas continued to flow during construction, with us adding several more details as things were being built. With his help, we assembled the perfect team of craftsmen and builders who worked together and cross-pollinated with ideas for each other.

Patrick is also a huge proponent of making building decisions based on low-impact to the environment. He walks the walk in his own life, and can deliver a LEED certified plan for building that is energy efficient and gorgeous to the extreme. You will not go wrong with this man.